Our Story

There are only a handful of financial planning firms that can say they’ve been offering financial planning services since “the beginning.”

In 1968, the words “Financial Planning” still meant little in the minds of people around the world. Back then, planning for retirement meant:

  1. Deciding when you would retire from the company that had employed you for decades
  2. Living on a fixed income from your Pension, Social Security and very modest savings
  3. Planning a cruise, complete with streamers and noise makers. (Remember the Love Boat?)
  4. Having the grandkids always visit you on Sunday
  5. Planning for what you will leave behind

It was right around this time that the financial planning profession began to emerge and also the time when our founder, Barry M. Freedman CFP® realized that offering advice through financial planning services was a profession where he could serve hundreds of families by helping them envision their future. Through his wisdom, guidance and deep commitment to the advancement of financial planning, our firm soon grew to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a leader in innovative financial planning solutions.

In 2007, after serving his profession and his firm for almost four decades, Barry retired from Freedman Financial – but not before ensuring it would maintain continuity by turning the keys over to his son and business partner, Marc Freedman CFP®.

Today, we continue to perpetuate the firm’s rich legacy, our deep-rooted relationships with many generations of clients and of course, the continued respect of the community. Through Marc’s leadership, we continue to serve both new and existing clients with a second generation of planners and a new set of state-of-the-art financial tools.

Of course, there are some things that have never changed. Freedman Financial is still dedicated to listening to people, crafting solutions and helping our clients achieve their goals.