Our Clients

Freedman Financial clients want to know that their business is appreciated. They expect quality, professionalism, integrity and responsiveness. They want to know that we care as much about their family as we do about them. They want to lead a fulfilling life but have a strong desire to protect a legacy for their children. They have a growing interest in including other family members (children especially) in their financial affairs, but are careful not to be too overbearing.

As a result, these clients become responsible for their own well-being by protecting themselves, yet are sure to share with their children that they have a relationship with a financial planner whom they trust – and in many cases they have introduced their children to our firm. In general, we serve three distinct sets of clients:’

Family Stewards

Over age 50, married and have strong relationships with their children. They generally have a household net worth between $500K and $4 million.Read More +


Generally these households have incomes between $200K and $500K. They are very busy, but desperately want to spend more time with their spouses and children.Read More +


These clients are generally over the age of 60 and are oftentimes the surviving spouses of a family steward client. In many cases they have never written a check or had any involvement in personal financial matters.Read More +