Barry Freedman, our founder, began his career as a financial planner in 1968.

He was known for sharing easy-to-understand, advice with clients on how to manage their money so that they could better strive for long-term financial success. Following this philosophy, he built a successful business on the North Shore serving individuals and families. Barry did not know it at the time, but in founding Freedman Financial, he would one day be recognized as a pioneer in the financial planning profession as we know it today.

In 1991, Barry’s son, Marc joined the firm. Barry took Marc under his wing and taught him that, to deliver quality financial planning and investment advice, he’d need to know as much as he could about a client’s entire financial life and goals before even thinking of offering recommendations. Marc learned to listen and speak with compassion. And, by watching his father interact with clients, he quickly realized that money is an emotional, loaded topic and that it was a financial planner’s job to be a rational, clear voice in times of uncertainty.

In July of 2000, just as the dot-com boom was about to bust, Barry hired Marion Gilman to join the firm. Her deep understanding of investment, her ability to connect deeply with clients, and her yin to Marc’s yang, gave Barry the confidence that Freedman Financial’s legacy would be in good hands. In 2007, he retired to Florida. Since then, Marc and Marion has carefully and compassionately navigated Freedman Financial and its clients through the ups and downs of the economy.

Now, fifty years later, Freedman Financial, in their opinion, is regarded as one of the best local financial planning firms. Our values remain the same. We remain dedicated to listening deeply, crafting thoughtful strategies, and guiding our clients on their financial journey.

If now is the time for you to get serious about your financial planning needs, we’d be honored to meet you.

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