Welcome to Freedman Financial.

The entire Freedman Financial team is excited that you have agreed to establish a financial planning relationship with our office. Our goal is to help clients like you achieve your personal financial objectives while delivering tailored strategies that will make the world of personal finance less complicated – thus giving you more time for yourself, your family and whatever else makes you happy.

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Welcome to Freedman Financial.

The entire Freedman Financial team is excited that you have agreed to establish a financial planning relationship with our office.

Review Process

We approach each client review with the same care and attention as your initial consultation.

Most clients tell us that each time they attend a review, they feel like they’ve learned something and more importantly, now there’s someone else who’s fully aware of their overall financial situation. Prior to your meeting, we will send you an updated Net Worth statement to serve as a ‘pre-check’ of your collective assets and liabilities. Often clients modify this document with ‘updates’ and ‘edits’ to discuss during the review. After all, our goal is to always place your interest first. Thus, it’s important that we have a clear understanding of your overall net worth as it serves as a leading indicator in helping us provide advice that best serves you and your goals.

This gives you a visual tool so that you know where everything is, and what everything is worth.

Present you with a complete and updated picture of where you stand financially.

Share the progress you’ve made financially and offer advice where needed.

If any, for changes to your investment portfolio. We’ll also revisit your risk tolerance and overall asset allocation.

Listening and learning about changes that have occurred in your life since our last visit.

We’ll see if we can identify a gem or two that could help save you a few dollars. Note: We do not offer tax preparation services so we suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified advisor.

Offer investment advice on your retirement plan at work such as a 401k, 403b, or SEP IRA.

Explore and discuss your existing insurance coverages

Examine and review your spending needs in retirement

Revisit and discuss your personal financial goals.

Listen and provide advice on major purchase decision

How We Communicate With You


We take great pride in how we interact with our clients. We realize you have busy schedules; be it work, family, travel or just life in general. And we believe that it’s up to us to respect that schedule. We stay in touch in the periphery in ways that are convenient for you. Rest assured though, we will connect with you for an annual ‘financial’ review.

Our weekly newsletter, ‘PLANNING POINTERS’ is delivered to your email inbox at 10:30am every Friday. This one-pager provides financial tidbits and interest facts. Not receiving Planning Pointers yet? Scroll down to subscribe.

You’ll receive a consolidated monthly statement mailed to you from LPL Financial. The statement details accounts that Freedman Financial manages on your behalf. If you prefer to go paperless and receive this statement electronically instead, please click here.

Within weeks following the end of a calendar quarter, you will receive a performance report mailed to you from LPL Financial. It reports on all advisory accounts managed by Freedman Financial on your behalf. If you prefer to go paperless and receive this statement electronically instead, please click here.

During our first year of engagement, we meet with you between three to five times. This is to ensure that we design a tailored strategy to make your personal finances less complicated and works better for you. Annual or semi-annual one-hour meetings will also be scheduled where we meet with you for a comprehensive review of your financial plan and goals.

Periodically Freedman Financial hosts exclusive client events. These events include seminars, conference calls, town hall meetings, a community meet-and-greet and more. We may even surprise you with an invite to a smaller, more private gathering.

Since 85% of our clients live, work or play in Massachusetts’ North Shore, we are bound to bump into each other. These random encounters whether at the grocery store, theater or Dunkin Donuts are always great fun for us because we love meeting your family and friends. Rest assured, we will never reveal anything about our relationship unless initiated by you. Honoring our confidential relationship with you is something we take very seriously.

How We Meet

How do we meet?  The choice is yours.

At least once a year, we’ll contact you to schedule a review of your overall financial planning progress. 

More than 85% of our clients live within a 20-mile radius of our office and they prefer to meet at our office in Peabody.  We believe that a face-to-face meeting allows us to not only listen to your goals, but we can see how you express your thoughts as well.  Developing and maintaining a long term financial plan requires trust and honesty.  A personal meeting in our office, allows us to privately deliver advice, free of distractions, and focus on your financial situation.

On occasion, your busy schedule may not work for a ‘Face-to-Face’ meeting. We’re excited to now be able to facilitate ‘virtual meetings’.  A virtual meeting allows us to share our computer screen with yours.  We can present your financial plan, investment accounts and more while you’re in your office and your spouse is at home – all at the same time.  We coordinate everything on our end, and if you have web-cam we can share our face with you too.

Our final option, although not as common, is a written ‘Letter Review’.  Sometimes you’re just too busy to meet in person or even virtually.  Rest assured, we still have ‘your back’ with this option.  A written review, though not as comprehensive as our other options provides you with a snapshot of your current financial position, recommendations (if any) for change, and any other thoughts we’d like to share.

Annually we travel to visit with clients outside of Massachusetts.  Generally, we visit Florida in the winter and will make ‘windows of time’ to travel to other locations where necessary.

Protecting your personal financial information is of paramount importance to us.  If we don’t recognize your voice on the phone, or if an email address doesn’t seem authentic, we will likely ask to call you back, or seek an alternative method in responding to you.  While cyber-thieves are certainly on our radar, our antennas are also raised when we receive calls from relatives, neighbors or professionals who seek information about your accounts.

Times of Operation and Response Policy

Freedman Financial is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm. During that time, you should expect a live voice on the other end of the phone when you call in. Your call is important to us, and we want to be certain that you get the answers you need. So if the person you’re looking for is unavailable, another one of us may be able to assist. If you’d prefer to wait, we’ll make sure your message is delivered. We do our very best to respond to your messages and emails within 24 hours.

Email remains a very efficient way to communicate. Our email addresses are listed in the contacts tab on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: We CANNOT accept trading instructions via email.