Freedman Financial Annual Scholarship

Since 2000, Freedman Financial has awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating high school student who plans to attend a post-secondary educational institution. The scholarship tradition continues… with a raise. As of 2021, the scholarship award is $2,000.

Along with their academic record and a list of community service work, extra -curricular activities and work experience, applicants must write a 500-word essay in answer to the question “What does personal financial responsibility mean to you?”. The winner is selected by a committee from our Client Advisory Council.

Past Scholarship Recipients:

Client Advisory Council

In 1995, we created our advisory council made up of clients. They help us with input, feedback and ideas so that we can develop marketing programs that truly speak to our clients. These programs include:

  • Feedback on Marketing and Advertising Ideas: Their honest opinions keep us centered on what matters most, relevant to our clients’ world, and humble in our efforts.
  • Consumer Perspectives on Financial Planning: Whenever we have questions about how people might be feeling in challenging times, our council offers frank, caring feedback.
  • Client Seminar Ideas: We are dedicated to delivering quality education and information to our clients because they deserve our ongoing service and attention.
Scholarship / April 28, 2021

Meet Freedman Financial Scholarship Winner 2021 – Samuel Woo

What does financial responsibility mean to me? By Samuel Woo Financial responsibility is more important than ever in today’s society. In a growing culture of apathy and ignorance, I believe that it is vital for people— especially in the younger generation— to take charge of their financial situations and lay...

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