We approach each client review with the same care and attention as your initial consultation.

Most clients tell us that each time they attend a review, they feel like they’ve learned something and more importantly, now there’s someone else who’s fully aware of their overall financial situation. Prior to your meeting, we will send you an updated Net Worth statement to serve as a ‘pre-check’ of your collective assets and liabilities. Often clients modify this document with ‘updates’ and ‘edits’ to discuss during the review. After all, our goal is to always place your interest first. Thus, it’s important that we have a clear understanding of your overall net worth as it serves as a leading indicator in helping us provide advice that best serves you and your goals.

Update and present where you stand financially

    This gives you a visual tool so that you know where everything is, and what everything is worth.

Present a visual picture

    Present you with a complete and updated picture of where you stand financially.

Share the progress

    Share the progress you’ve made financially and offer advice where needed.

Make recommendations

    If any, for changes to your investment portfolio. We’ll also revisit your risk tolerance and overall asset allocation.

Listening and learning

    Listening and learning about changes that have occurred in your life since our last visit.

Review your last year’s tax return

    We’ll see if we can identify a gem or two that could help save you a few dollars. Note: We do not offer tax preparation services so we suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified advisor.

Offer investment advice

    Offer investment advice on your retirement plan at work such as a 401k, 403b, or SEP IRA.

Explore insurance coverages

    Explore and discuss your existing insurance coverages

Examine spending needs in retirement

    Examine and review your spending needs in retirement

Revisit financial goals

    Revisit and discuss your personal financial goals.

Advice on major purchase decisions

    Listen and provide advice on major purchase decision

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