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A Letter to Our Clients

A Letter to Our Clients

August 30, 2022

School is back in session. For some, it’s a welcome respite from a busy summer schedule and for others, it’s the start of carpooling, sports schedules, and erratic dinner plans. Like everything else, life is full of every changing twists and turns.

The same holds true for the current state of our economy. In July, many investors thought the pull-back in the markets were behind us as prices started heading in an upward direction. This continued into August –and then suddenly we were reminded that life doesn’t move in just one direction.

As it is with most things in life, the view of the horizon looks far calmer than the daily bumps in the road. At Freedman Financial, your financial plan and your investment portfolio are built with a goal to achieve sustainable, long-term objectives. Our experience had taught us to plan for short-term dips. We know they’re always out there; but our longer term view remains positive and optimistic.
You have an investment strategy that consists of
  1. Seasoned portfolio managers (they’ve been through the tough times before)
  2. A personalized asset allocation strategy with your overall financial situation in mind.
  3. A customized strategy that delivers the income check that’s part of your plan. (If applicable)

As we head toward the final months of the year, we’re actively reviewing your account and taking advantages of any portfolio repositioning and tax-loss planning (if appropriate).

We remain optimistic that the markets will not only recover, but race to new highs in the years to come. After all, inflation is showing signs of getting under control. Fuel prices are normalizing. Products are ‘slowly’ returning to the shelves. Anyone who wants a job can have a job, and employees are in the driver’s seat when it comes to wage demands. Well established corporations are flush with cash, and the trend towards using technology to make life easier continues to grow.

As for what happens in Washington DC? Well, we’ll leave that up to voters. Regardless of the outcomes, we’re confident that your financial plan is properly aligned with today’s market environment.

Get ready for the leaves to start changing and the air to become more brisk. We’re here if you need us.
Marc & Marion

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