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Bonding Through Tradition

Bonding Through Tradition

August 08, 2022

Building family traditions can be a great way to solidify the family bond. In fact, traditions and rituals often tell a story about your family—serving as real reminders of what helped shape your lives together. They also build memories, comfort, and security. But how do you start one?

The next time you’re getting the family together, or you want to create memories with your loved ones, try one of these fun ideas. From handshakes to movie nights, you’re sure to find something that fits the uniqueness of your family!

A secret family handshake.
Secret handshakes have been used to distinguish members from nonmembers, marking those who are “in the know.” What better way to create a bond among your family members than to come up with a ritual handshake that is just for you?

Meal time.
Eating dinner together can play a huge role in family cohesiveness, lead to better grades in school, and much more. A fun tradition for family dinners is to serve the same meal one night each week, such as Taco Tuesdays or Pizza Fridays.

Family game/movie night.
Host a weekly game or movie night for your family. Take turns letting each family member choose the game or the movie for the evening. This will reinforce to all of your children that they are each an important part of the family and that their opinions are valued.

Date night.
Let each child have a special one-on-one date with Mom or Dad (their choice) once a month. Spending quality one-on-one time allows you to focus on each child, getting to know what is going on in his or her life. This will become a special memory for your children to treasure for years to come.

A family time capsule.
Have each member of your family gather special mementos from the summer or your latest family vacation, and then put them all together in a family time capsule. You can even have your kids write letters to themselves in the future. Use your imagination here—the possibilities are endless. Bury it in the yard, or tuck it away in the attic, and then agree upon a date in the future for your family to open the time capsule and relive the past.

Holiday decorations.
Each year around the holidays, work on a family DIY decoration project. You’ll spend time bonding over the craft, and will have truly unique decorations to enjoy year after year. What’s more, when the holidays roll around, the family will enjoy taking the decorations out and reminiscing over the fun you had creating them.

Monthly service project.
Service projects of any kind are a great way to help others and feed your soul. Doing a monthly (or even quarterly) service project with the family is not only a great way to spend time bonding, but you’re also helping others. Maybe you volunteer at the local soup kitchen or spend time walking and playing with dogs at your nearby animal shelter—just pick a cause that is important to your family.


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