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Dollars & Sense: How to Make Rational Investment Decisions During Emotional Times

Dollars & Sense: How to Make Rational Investment Decisions During Emotional Times

May 22, 2022

BROADCAST: Dollars & Sense, 05/22/2022

Episode Summary: On this episode of Dollars & Sense, Marc Freedman, CFP® and Marion Gilman, CFP® continue the discussion on strategies for managing your investment portfolio in the midst of market turbulence, rising interest rates and skyrocketing inflation.

SEGMENT 1: (00:49) Investing should be a long term commitment.

SEGMENT 2: (15:30) Where did the free bread go? The stock market going up and down is just one of the many challenges we will face in life. Another is the current car inventory situation. However, there are ways to work around this.

SEGMENT 3: (31:30) Hope is not a strategy. You should live well within your means. Do not spend what you one day hope to have, only spend based on your current income today.

SEGMENT 4: (43:50) Who benefits the most from working with a financial professional?

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