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Dollars & Sense: Igniting Impact: The Power of Consistent Messaging

Dollars & Sense: Igniting Impact: The Power of Consistent Messaging

July 27, 2023

Marc and Marion didn’t have a set agenda for this week’s podcast – until yesterday. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been sharing our thoughts and advice on air for over 12 years now. You always hope your message reaches the people who get the most value out of it. Our day was made yesterday when Marc met with a client who shared he spends a lot of time listening to this podcast. He’s also listened to past radio shows, he joins us on our quarterly webinar (contact us to get a future invite: Contact Freedman Financial), and he said what he’s grown to really like about our firm is how consistent our messaging is despite the volatility in the markets.

With our 50 years of experience, we can truly say that we’ve “Been there…done that…” Tune in to this week’s episode of Dollars & Sense as Marc and Marion chat about the importance of consistent messaging in a language you can understand.

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