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Dollars & Sense: Losing Faith in the Value of College

Dollars & Sense: Losing Faith in the Value of College

January 25, 2024

Thanks for joining Marc and Marion for this week’s episode of Dollars & Sense. FASFA applications are being filled out and college acceptance letters are coming in. If you have a student graduating from high school this year who has plans of furthering their education, whether a trade school, college, or university, they are eligible to apply for our Freedman Financial Annual Scholarship. We offer $2,000 to the applicant who best answers a 500-word essay, “What Does Financial Responsibility Mean to You?” and who excels with their academic and extracurricular activities. You can put the money towards books, a new laptop, or even tuition – every little bit helps! Learn more about this on our website or by signing up for our newsletter.


 For decades, we’ve been conditioned into thinking that you need to attend college and obtain a degree after high school. Now, with the rising cost of college, people are questing whether it’s worth sending their children to a secondary school.   


Tune in to this week’s episode of Dollars & Sense as Marc and Marion talk about the value of college and if people’s view on the importance of it has changed in a language you can understand.


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