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Dollars & Sense: Slay the Subscription Monster

Dollars & Sense: Slay the Subscription Monster

June 08, 2023

We’re excited to have Marion back from France and on this week’s podcast. We always try to provide financial advice in a language you can understand and one thing we’ve noticed is people are looking for ways to save money and trying to find where they can cut back. We noticed a lot of our own clients don’t even realize how much money they unnecessarily spend on assorted fees. We get it, it’s a challenge to look at every statement and look at where your money is going – but it pays to do it. Fees sneak up on you, especially since so many of us are signing up for subscription programs nowadays or signing up for a free trial and then forgetting to cancel.

Tune in to this week’s episode of Dollars & Sense as Marc and Marion discuss why it’s so easy to spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily each month in fees and how you can avoid it in a language you can understand.

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