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Dollars & Sense: U.S. Government Saves SVB and Time’s Ticking to Pay Uncle Sam

Dollars & Sense: U.S. Government Saves SVB and Time’s Ticking to Pay Uncle Sam

April 06, 2023

All the activity around the bank crisis has very much calmed down. The Treasury stepped in pretty quickly to help the banks that were failing and it seems as if people aren’t as worried today. If you think back and ask how come Silicon Valley Bank failed, their problem is they bought Treasury Bonds, which are fully guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

We’re also just a week and a half away before Uncle Sam starts looking for your tax money. Tune in as we discuss expectations and how to manage your expectations in a language you can understand.


Listen to what Marc and Marion have to say in this week’s episode of Dollars & Sense to learn more.


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