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Important 2024 Tax Season Dates

Important 2024 Tax Season Dates

January 23, 2024

LPL Financial Tax Form

Mailing/Electronic Availability Dates

If you opted for paperless tax forms, you will receive an EMAIL ONLY

to let you know the documents are available in Account View.

NO TAX FORMS will be mailed to you.

Please review your Account View settings and

be sure to check your emails for any notices from LPL Financial.


1099-R/Q - Tax form related to distributions from retirement accounts will be mailed (email notification) on January 19. If you didn't take any funds from a retirement account in 2023, you will not receive a tax document. ROTH IRA distributions do not require tax forms.


Consolidated 1099 Tax Statement - Tax form reporting income and transactions for non-retirement accounts (i.e., Individual, Joint, TOD, Trust).

January 19 & 26 - Non-retirement accounts with the simplest tax information.

February 2, 9, 16 & 23 - Non-retirement accounts with more complex securities and those where security issuers provided final documents to LPL late.

March 1, 8 & 15 - Non-retirement accounts where the security issuers provided tax information to LPL late. These accounts will be provided a Preliminary 1099 via AccountView on February 16th. If your account is part of this group, you can expect an email from the office to alert you.


Form 5498 IRA - Tax form showing contributions made to your IRA including any rollovers in 2023. This form is informational and not needed to file your tax return. They will be mailed on February 23 and May 24, 2024.


Corrected Forms - Will be mailed weekly March 1 - April 5th. Additionally, they'll be mailed July 12 and October 4, 2024. Occasionally further reclassification and delays can happen despite LPL's best efforts. This will result in a Corrected 1099 form. LPL is required to amend 1099 tax forms with any adjustments greater than $100. If you receive a 1099-C after you file your taxes, you should contact your tax advisor to discuss your situation and the best course of action.


For more information don't hesitate to contact Jodi Deldon in the office or look through the 2023-2024 LPL Tax Season Guide.


All tax forms will be available online through Account View. To sign up for online access, contact Beth Ford in the office.