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Smart Spending Decisions. Saving vs. Spending [VIDEO]

Smart Spending Decisions. Saving vs. Spending [VIDEO]

March 30, 2022

We often hear the phrase – “I was taught the importance of saving money – but no one ever taught me how to spend it.” Watch our video – Save vs. Spend

If you’re approaching or living in retirement it can be scary, intimidating, and overwhelming. That’s why we built this video. In 90 odd seconds, you will learn how Freedman Financial helps clients make smart spending decisions. If our approach makes sense to you, give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule a free initial consultation for you.



Meet the Callahans

Like many, the Callahans worked hard, raised great kids, saved some money, and did their best to prepare for retirement.

But as it approached, they realized they never considered what it would take to spend their savings to support themselves once they retired. Their investment accounts, 401ks, IRAs, and bank accounts were scattered around and disorganized.

Sure, they had relationships with a bunch of “financial professionals”—but each one only knew a piece of the Callahans’ overall financial puzzle.

It was time to get serious…

The case study presented in this material portrays hypothetical clients and is not indicative of an actual client experience. This video is intended to demonstrate how a typical client relationship is handled by Freedman Financial. Case studies should not be interpreted as a guarantee of future performance or success.

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