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We Are Not Going Anywhere

We Are Not Going Anywhere

February 14, 2023

As far back as I can remember, Marion and I have been fortunate to have clients that we love to serve. Knowing that you trust us with your most intimate conversations about money is both humbling and gratifying. To say that we love being part of your lives would simply be an understatement.

Over the decades, you’ve shared your successes, your fears, challenges and tears. We’ve worked hard to listen to each of you individually and weave our collective experience to craft advice that’s delivered both empathetically and honestly.

I’m writing today to address whispers and speculation that our sale to LPL Financial meanthat Marion and I are phasing out of the business. Simply stated, that’s not true. 

LPL’s acquisition of our firm actually benefits you. Today we have greater freedom with more time to focus on you financial planning investment management needs. LPL has lifted multiple responsibilities off our shoulders. They oversee all aspects of business operations such as lease negotiations, purchasing, budgeting, human resources, technology and compliance reporting. For instance, when the internet is down or our printer isn’t working, we don’t have to scramble to find technicians or solutions. When it’s time to call in payroll, review health insurance proposals and/or handle a leak in the ceiling – LPL resolves the issueWe no longer havto spend several hours each quarter reporting to State and Federal regulatory authorities; or even worse having to endure days-long audits by the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), LPL is now taking care of it.

This holiday season, Marion gave me my favorite giftIt was simply a baseball cap with the embroidered expression, “Not My Problem”. It’s become my tagline. LPL has lifted the weight of business management responsibilities off both Marion and myself; and it’s given us back time to do what we love-serving our new and “seasoned” clients with ‘Financial Advice in a Language You Can Understand®.

In addition, LPL provided us with resources to expand our technology capacity, purchase new sophisticated software and align us with their world class marketing operation. Just wait and see what we have in store for the future. The next decade will be a rebirth for Freedman Financialand you, our clients will have front row seat. Rest assured, Marion and I will lead that charge for a very long time.

We look forward to our continued financial planning and investment management relationship; and welcome the opportunity to meet your friends, neighbors and relatives who you believe could benefit from our services.

Thanks, for being the greatest group of clients we could ever hope to serve. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Marc S. Freedman CFP®
President &CEO