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Who’s to Blame for the State of Our Economy?

Who’s to Blame for the State of Our Economy?

June 12, 2022

Preparing for Your Financial Future

BROADCAST: Dollars & Sense, 06/12/2022

Episode Summary: During this episode of Dollars & Sense, Marc discusses who the REAL culprits are to blame for this new economic paradigm shift in America. You may be surprised by his thoughts.

SEGMENT 1: (1:54) For experienced investors, the fact that the market is down should not be shocking. However, new investors have not experienced the ups AND DOWNS of the market yet. It is important to remember investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Neither life nor the markets move in only one direction.

SEGMENT 2: (16:41) Perhaps the reason we are all a little more down lately is because we place blame and focus on what we cannot control. We have created an environment for younger generations that is our own doing. For example, have you taught your kids how to “adult?” Until we change, we create the problem. Pointing the blame to someone else needs to be tossed out the window.

SEGMENT 3: (31:18) What is the most important piece to your financial puzzle? Is it the corner? The middle? The edges? It is actually the cover of the box. How can you put together your life when you do not have a big picture of that should look like?

SEGMENT 4: (44:04) We need to do a better job at preparing for our financial future. We cannot continue to step in for our children who overspend. What is it that YOU want to do in retirement? Make the most out of your life and start celebrating you!


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