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Freedman Financial Scholarship Winner 2013 – Sara Grosslein

Meet Sara Grosslein, Freedman Financial 2013 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

By Sara Grosslein

What does financial responsibility mean to you?

The future is exciting; nonetheless, it can also be frightening to think about especially in terms of financial security.  So many people today are saddled with debt due to high costs of living.  Our nation is exceedingly expensive in this day and age.  For example, just observe how gas prices have risen over the years.  Financial responsibility is the foundation on which your security in life is constructed.  Money may not “buy happiness”, however, it sure aids to keep a family supported and healthy which undeniably helps encourage happiness.

It is very easy to lose yourself financially and overspend particularly when using credit.  I believe this is certainly an epidemic in our nation.  There are people everywhere in the United States deep in debt.  Our own government is the chief offender.  Many people dig themselves into a hole using credit that they are unable to pay off.  With all these different situations that America has seen and experienced, I feel very motivated to take advantage of my clean slate as a young adult.  I will try to be smart with my money from the beginning by making wise decisions.  With college in the near future, I will be on my own for the first time.  Soon enough I hope to be financially independent of my parents and self-sufficient.  I know it will be a big transition, but, I hope to adjust well and I plan to get on a good financial track for the rest of my life.

I have learned quite quickly about the value of money through waitressing and babysitting. I have seen how much hard work and time goes into earning money and how abruptly these earnings can be spent on insignificant and negligible items.  It can be disappointing to know that you’ve worked so hard all for an unnecessary purchase.  My parents have set a strong, financial example through the years as I have watched them work hard to earn a solid income, only buy what they can afford without adding to credit card debt, and plan for large expenditures by saving over time.  Every time I am paid, I make sure to bring some to the bank and place it in my savings account.  I know that this simple action will help me in the long run as it will be a great habit.  My job and my parents have undoubtedly done their part in building up my attention to financial responsibility.

In my opinion, financial responsibility is merely self-discipline and learning to regulate your spending habits to keep in line with income.  It is mindfully considering possible events in the future and making sure to save your money to prepare for need-based purchases.  In order to remain financially responsible, I will not only work hard to earn money but also to save, manage, and invest it.  I know that all my efforts to be financially responsible will help to create a more successful future.

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