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Flynn Plowman Freedman Financial 2024 Scholarship Winner – Congratulations!

Meet Freedman Financial Scholarship Winner 2024 – Flynn Plowman

What Does Personal Financial Responsibility Mean to Me?

by Flynn Plowman

In the story of my life, personal finance isn't just about dollars and cents—it's about weaving together the values and lessons that have shaped me into who I am today. From the little acts of kindness and generosity shown to me by my family, to the practical advice shared by my parents who've navigated their own financial journeys, every experience has added a thread to my understanding of money.

Growing up, I learned about responsible spending through fun games of make-believe shopping with my grandma. Those moments taught me the value of money earned through hard work and the satisfaction of making smart choices. I witnessed firsthand the dedication and financial diligence required to run a successful small business through the lens of my father's entrepreneurial endeavors and my own home baking venture. Conversely, my mother's career as a marketing executive at corporations from startups to large well established companies, highlighted the importance of strategic planning and resource allocation. By observing multiple entrepreneurial paths, I gained an appreciation for fiscal responsibility, budgeting, and the value of a diversified approach to personal finance. As I entered high school, those lessons became even more important as I juggled part-time jobs, volunteer commitments, and academic responsibilities.

From babysitting to working as a marketing intern, I've embraced opportunities to earn and manage my own money. I've learned firsthand about budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. Each paycheck and expense has become a lesson in resourcefulness and responsibility. Through this practical experience, I've discovered the empowerment that comes with taking control of your finances at a young age - from holding your first paycheck to watching your savings account grow!

But personal finance isn't just about dollars—it's about using your money to make a difference. Inspired by the generosity of my family and the impact of volunteering as a marketing intern for organizations like the RTS Autism Foundation, I'm driven to align my financial choices with my values. Whether it's supporting local businesses, investing in causes I believe in, or simply being mindful about how I spend and invest, every decision is an opportunity to create positive change and be a force for good in the world.

As I step into this next exciting chapter, I carry with me the experiences that have shaped and inspired me and the hopes for my future. With each financial decision, I strive to honor the values instilled in me by my upbringing and the guidance provided by my parents. Personal finance isn't just about money—it's about living authentically, making choices that reflect who I am, and making a meaningful impact on the world around me through being smart and intentional with how I use my resources. 

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