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Answering Listener’s Questions

Answering Listener’s Questions

June 29, 2022

BROADCAST: Dollars & Sense, 06/26/2022
Episode Summary: Marc is joined by his wife Laura to read our listener’s questions. The answers he offers might surprise you.

SEGMENT 1: (1:54) Marc answers your questions regarding cashing out on portfolios and sitting on the sidelines until things get better as well as what going on with gas prices.

SEGMENT 2: (16:57) Housing prices are up, the cost of food is outrageous, and airline tickets are through the roof! Who is to blame for the economic mess that we are in?

SEGMENT 3: (31:24) What should I be doing with the remainder of my savings after I have saved enough for emergency funds?

SEGMENT 4: (43:29) How is it possible to NOT worry when my investment portfolio is down?

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