LPL Financial and Market Research / June 24, 2019

Midyear Outlook 2019 from LPL Research, Revised Forecasts

LPL Research’s Midyear Outlook 2019 provides updated views of current fundamentals and the things that should persist as shorter-term concerns fade and emphasizes their four primary pillars for fundamental investing—policy, the economy, fixed income, and equities. As the headlines change daily, look to these pillars and LPL Research’s Midyear Outlook...

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Life Transition, Long-Term Care / June 07, 2019

Ways to Ensure the Future Care of Your Parents

Many adults are finding that their aging parents are in need of health care assistance. Luckily, there are many options available today to help your parents grow old gracefully, either in their own home or in a facility, and several ways that you can finance the costs of the care....

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Financial Tips, Personal Finance / May 10, 2019

Jumbles of Numbers and Life Goals

These are important figures to keep in mind, but they miss a key critical element: how you go about defining and prioritizing your unique life goals, and then tracking your progress toward them. Here are five ways to make sure that the numbers don’t sidetrack you from what’s really important...

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Scholarship / April 24, 2019

Freedman Financial Scholarship Winner 2019 – Andrew Zipper

One who is responsible takes accountability for his actions, acts independently and maintains control. As I graduate high school and embark on adulthood, I am quickly finding that as my parents warned, many responsibilities loom ahead. One of the most daunting, yet important is financial responsibility. My choices and actions...

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EVENTS / April 22, 2019

Market update and outlook with J.P. Morgan

Please join us to hear insights on today’s most critical economic and investment topics from Dr. David Kelly, Managing Director, Chief Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Using the most recent edition of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Guide to the Markets, David will share thoughts on the current economic...

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Education Planning, Financial Tips, Kids and Money, Personal Planning / April 14, 2019

Reputation Management: Everything doesn’t need to be put out there.

Picture an admissions officer at an elite university, weighing whether that school should accept your child in its next freshman class. A quick Instagram or Facebook profile search discourages that academic gatekeeper. Your kid doesn’t get into that great college, all because of what was posted online. “Keeping it real”...

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Charitable Giving, Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Kids and Money, Personal Finance / March 08, 2019

Children and Wealth: Important Financial Literacy Lessons Start Early

Wealth creates great opportunity as well as weighty responsibility — especially for children. As a parent, grandparent, or concerned relative, you hope to pass on what you have learned about managing and preserving wealth to the younger generation. However, you want the family legacy to be about more than astute...

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Freedman Financial, Marc Freedman, Press / February 27, 2019

Nationally Recognized and Ranked in the Top 20 Best-In-State for Massachusetts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [PEABODY, MA] — [February 25, 2019] – Marc Freedman of Freedman Financial was recently ranked No. 19 in Massachusetts in the annual Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list published by Forbes. According to Forbes, the annual list highlights over 2,000 of the nation’s top-performing advisors, nominated by their firms...

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Life Transition, Personal Planning, Retirement Planning / February 05, 2019

Retirement Expectations vs. Reality

Just as few weathercasters can accurately forecast a month’s worth of temperatures and storms, many retirees find their futures unfolding differently than they assumed. Your assumptions may be tested as well. You may retire sooner than you anticipate. A majority of pre-retirees polled in the 2016 Transamerica Retirement Survey believed...

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Investment Planning, Personal Finance, Personal Planning, Retirement Planning / January 23, 2019

Time is Your Friend. The Power of Compounding.

While some people may frantically try to catch up on retirement saving after age 50, you have the chance to harness the power of compounding by starting decades earlier. When you start may matter more than how (or how long) you invest. Take the example of a hypothetical 25-year-old, Heather,...

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Scholarship / January 09, 2019

Freedman Financial Now Accepting 2019 Scholarship Submissions

It’s Scholarship Time! The Freedman Financial Associates Inc. Scholarship was created to heighten the awareness of personal financial planning, and fiscal responsibility among graduating high school seniors. Now in its 20th year, the Freedman Financial has collectively awarded more than $19,000 to past winners. Eligibility: Any graduating high school student...

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Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Investment Planning, Tax Information / December 26, 2018

Has Your Plan Changed?

From an investment standpoint, 2018 will likely be remembered as the year when nothing seemed to work. Despite efforts to build well-balanced portfolios and minimize risk, it was tough to find safe zones – every investment category seemed to feel some degree of pain. It didn’t matter that in prior...

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LPL Financial and Market Research / December 18, 2018

FUNDAMENTAL: How to Focus on What Really Matters in the Markets

We are pleased to announce the release of the LPL Research Outlook 2019: FUNDAMENTAL: How to Focus on What Really Matters in the Markets, filled with investment insights and market guidance for the year ahead. After nearly 10 years of witnessing the U.S. economy and stock market recover—and thrive—investors are...

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Blog, Debt, Financial Tips / December 10, 2018

Yes, You CAN Get Out of Debt

In America today, carrying some debt is unavoidable, and even desirable, for most households. But between mortgages, car payments, and credit cards, many Americans find themselves over their heads — unable to dig out from under a growing debt burden that consumes an ever-growing portion of their resources. The average...

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Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Personal Finance, Wealth Management / October 30, 2018

Are You Undercutting Your Efforts to Build Wealth?

Good money habits can help you as you save and invest for the future. Bad habits can leave you treading water (or underwater) financially. Here are some to avoid. Not saving enough. Instead of paying themselves first, some families pay others first. Dollars they could save and invest are instead...

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EVENTS, Freedman Financial / September 13, 2018

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

On Saturday, September 22nd Freedman Financial will offer clients and the community the opportunity to have their paper records shredded and recycled during our Community Shredding Day. This free event aims to raise public awareness of the need to securely destroy confidential material in order to prevent identify theft and...

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Blog, Just for Fun, Personal Planning / September 06, 2018

Why We Need A Voice Like Mr. Rogers

I am no film critic, but I know what I like, and I like what I know! Though I’ve never considered myself a “movie maven,” I do find myself attracted to art films, the kind they show at Kendall Square or West Newton Cinema…where the dress code is decidedly Birkenstocks...

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Financial Tips, Kids and Money / August 17, 2018

Breaking Habits

What’s the first thing that you do in the morning after you wake up? Do you check your email? Scroll through Facebook? If you’re like most, you brush your teeth, put on your pants and hold your coffee cup the same way every morning. These consistent acts create our array...

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Life Transition, Personal Planning / August 10, 2018

Keep Your Head in the Game: Avoiding Mental Errors When You Invest

In the sports world, a mental error can cost your team the big game. When you are investing, a mental error can put your retirement portfolio at risk. Mistakes often result from letting misconceptions and emotions affect your decisions. Successful investing generally requires logic and reasoning. To avoid a fumble,...

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Blog, Financial Planning, Marc Freedman / August 01, 2018

For 50 Years, Freedman Financial Has Provided ‘Financial Advice in a Language You Can Understand™’

Tucked away in historic Peabody, Mass., nestled along the gateway to Salem, just north of Boston, is Freedman Financial, a family-run practice that started 50 years ago in the basement of Barry Freedman’s home. He built the business going door-to-door, determined to make a difference in the lives of his...

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LPL Financial and Market Research, Market Commentary / July 16, 2018

Mid Year Outlook 2018

“For the second half of 2018, continued economic growth and market gains may bring the heightened drama of increased volatility. So while there may be some twists and turns ahead, at LPL Research we expect the positive fundamentals to prevail.” Click here for full 2018 Mid Year Outlook. Tracking #1-747597...

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Insurance, Medicare / July 03, 2018

How — and When — Do I Sign Up for Medicare?

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits before you turn age 65, no sign-up is required for Medicare Part A or Part B. Part A is basic hospital insurance; Part B helps to pay for medically necessary services such as doctor visits or outpatient care. You automatically become eligible...

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Blog, Just for Fun, Life Transition, Retirement Planning / June 13, 2018

The Greatest Milestone of all…Life in Retirement

Did you know that 80% of all people who ever lived to age 65 are alive today? So with so many people between 65 and “death”, we thought we’d share a compilation of things to do… LIFE IN RETIREMENT SPEND YOUR MONEY – This isn’t your father’s retirement. One of...

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Life Transition / May 23, 2018

Commencement Speech by Dr. Lauren Beitelspacher for Babson College Class of 2018

Thank you so much! I am so incredibly honored by this award. You guys were my first group of students when I got to Babson. I was so nervous when I first started teaching you, but right away, you made me feel like I had found a home here at...

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Financial Tips, Investment Planning / May 09, 2018

Growth Investing — A Core Part of Your Long-Term Strategy

Long-term investment goals are as unique as the people who set them. Some investors set their sights on building a dream home; others may be looking to launch a new business. Still others seek the more traditional long-term goals of a comfortable retirement or funding a child’s education. No matter...

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Scholarship / May 02, 2018

Kylie Barry, Freedman Financial 2018 Scholarship Winner – Congratulations!

What does financial responsibility mean to you? The older I get, the more I come to understand the true value of a dollar. It began when I was a toddler and first learned that money was what bought us every tangible object we owned. At that point in my life...

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Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Life Transition, Personal Planning, Retirement Planning / April 23, 2018

10 Reasons It’s Time for a New Financial Plan

It’s more important than ever to have a Financial Plan that places your interests first. The following ten ideas will lend pause as you think about whether it’s time to revisit your current financial plan. YOUR LAST FINANCIAL PLAN IS COLLECTING DUST If you’re like many people, the allure of...

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Blog, Financial Tips, Kids and Money, Life Transition, Personal Finance / April 13, 2018

A Proposal to Infuse Financial Life Skills into Public School

It is my belief that infusing real life skills into a Public School’s curriculum is essential for preparing our children for the “real world”. Over the years, I’ve had periodic opportunities to “guest speak” at many schools and talk to the students about making smart financial decisions in real life....

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Blog, Financial Planning, Video / April 05, 2018

Walk In Our Shoes [VIDEO]

They say you have to walk in a person’s shoes to know where they’re going and why. Planning for your financial future is a journey you don’t have to walk alone. Tracking #1-714136...

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Freedman Financial, Marc Freedman / April 04, 2018

Reflections on 50 years of Financial Planning Advice

This month Freedman Financial will celebrate 50 years of providing financial planning and investment advice to individuals and families. Back in 1968, planning for your financial future was a relatively foreign idea, yet the “vision” of retirement very clear. On the last day of work, your company would throw retirement...

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Freedman Financial, Marc Freedman, Press / April 03, 2018

Freedman Financial Celebrates 50 Years Financial Planning and Investment Advice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Peabody, MA-April 2018— Freedman Financial of Peabody, MA is proud to announce their 50th anniversary of providing financial planning and investment advice to individuals and families who live or have roots on the North Shore and Merrimack Valley. Started by its founder, Barry M. Freedman on April...

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Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Video / March 28, 2018

Consequences: Improve Making Good Financial Choices [VIDEO]

We’ve all made bad decisions. This video shows how you can improve your odds of making good financial choices with the latest technology that supports the advisor’s expertise. Learn more. Financial advice in a language you can understand. TM Tracking # 1-708319...

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Financial Planning, Life Transition, Video, Women Investors / March 19, 2018

Protecting Those You Love Most [VIDEO]

Learn more about financial strategies that can help women protect themselves and their families, should something unfortunate occur. Tracking #1-714073...

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Blog, Insurance, Long-Term Care, Medicare / March 13, 2018

Things to Consider if Thinking About Long-Term Care Insurance

There is a good possibility that you or your spouse will eventually require some form of long-term care. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about 70% of people aged 65 or older will enter a nursing home for some period of time during their lifetimes.1 Whether...

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Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Retirement Planning, Video / March 06, 2018

Retirement Education, Retirement is Approaching [VIDEO]

95% of Americans have not saved enough for retirement. Act now, your retirement is approaching. Tracking #1-714086...

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Freedman Financial, Marc Freedman, Press / March 01, 2018

Forbes Ranks Marc Freedman as Best-In-State TOP WEALTH ADVISOR in MASSACHUSETTS

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOSTON — March 1, 2018 — Marc Freedman, President and CEO of Freedman Financial was ranked on Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list for 2018. The Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor ranking, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on in-person and telephone due diligence meetings and a ranking algorithm...

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Charitable Giving, Holiday Planning / February 27, 2018

Making a Charitable Choice: What Does Giving to Charity Mean to You?

Perhaps you think of dropping your change into a can at a local shop or placing a few dollars into a Salvation Army kettle during the holidays. Maybe you’ve bought Girl Scout cookies or donated clothing to a local relief organization. Opportunities for giving surround us each day. The greatest...

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Financial Planning, Video / February 23, 2018

Life in a Box [VIDEO]

LIFE IN A BOX is rarely that simple, especially the older we get. How about your ‘financial house’? Do you use a file cabinet? Or perhaps a row of shoeboxes? Some use a spread sheet, while others… a post-it note. But no matter what you use, it works… well… sort...

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Blog, Market Commentary, Scholarship, Video / February 15, 2018

Freedman Financial Discusses Market Volatility FEB 2018 [VIDEO]

Marc Freedman and Marion Gilman of Freedman Financial share their thoughts about the recent market volatility. Highlights: This is normal volatility Underlying fundamentals of the economy are good Freedman Financial continues to rebalance ALL CLIENT portfolios as the market shifts Last year’s low ‘pull back’ likely left many complacent resulting...

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Debt, Financial Tips, Personal Finance, Personal Planning / February 13, 2018

Avoid These Financial Traps — They May Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Money. It’s hard to get and easy to lose. It doesn’t take long for the wealth you’ve accumulated to disappear if you don’t manage your money well or have a plan to protect your assets from sudden calamity. Snares like the ones mentioned below could easily threaten your financial security....

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Estate Planning, Insurance, Legacy Planning, Surviving Spouse, Video / February 06, 2018

The Dress Rehearsal, Planning For When You’re Not There [VIDEO]

Our lives are marked by special moments, that define who we are and what’s important to us. You’ve planned for these special moments… But what happens to your family when you’re suddenly not there? Have you planned for that? Tracking #1-714105...

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Scholarship / February 01, 2018

Freedman Financial Now Accepting 2018 Scholarship Submissions

It’s Scholarship Time! The Freedman Financial Associates Inc. Scholarship Program is designed to heighten the awareness of personal financial planning, and fiscal responsibility to graduating high school seniors. Eligibility: The scholarship is available to any graduating high school student who is a child, grandchild and/or great-grandchild of a current Freedman...

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Blog, Financial Planning, Investment Planning / January 30, 2018

Is Your Portfolio Mix Right for Today’s Market?

To help you determine if your asset allocation is appropriate for today’s market environment, complete the following worksheet.1 Then, call your financial advisor — together you can decide if changes in your portfolio management strategy may be necessary. 1Asset allocation does not assure a profit or protect against a loss....

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Blog, Tax Information / January 24, 2018

Tax Reform: Historic Tax Bill Signed into Law

On December 22nd President Trump signed a historic tax bill into law. The quick passage left many scrambling to understand whether the new law would impact them. Journalists posted articles that raised additional questions. The result was huge amounts of uncertainty and misunderstanding. A New York Times poll early December...

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LPL Financial and Market Research, World News / January 15, 2018

Outlook 2018: Return of the Business Cycle

The recently released LPL Research Outlook 2018: Return of the Business Cycle publication contains the investment insights and market guidance for the year ahead. Traditional business cycle drivers are expected to take a larger role in spurring further economic and market growth in 2018, as we have experienced a fundamental...

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Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Kids and Money, Legacy Planning, Retirement Planning, Video / January 09, 2018

Your Greatest Assets [VIDEO]

Sometimes it helps to know someone is in your corner. Learn how we can help you navigate the complexities of building wealth and how to put a plan in place to manage your financial future. Tracking #1-714160...

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NEW CLIENT INFO / January 03, 2018

Getting to Know Freedman Financial

As fiduciaries, placing your interests first is the cornerstone to our relationship. We’ve done it this way for more than 50 years– and now we have an opportunity to share our approach with you. From our very first conversation, you’ll find us asking about everything in your financial life –...

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RESOURCES / January 02, 2018

‘Dollars & Sense’

Dollars & Sense is a financial radio show created and hosted by Marc Freedman, President and CEO at Freedman Financial. Designed to provide “Financial Advice in a Language You Can Understand TM”, Marc gives the radio show listeners a chance to learn about financial planning, investments, retirement, and more so...

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Financial Tips, Kids and Money, Personal Finance, Personal Planning, Video / January 02, 2018

You Got This! Unique Financial Goals [VIDEO]

Millennials have different financial challenges from their parents. We get it! We understand their unique financial goals and are there to help when they need it. Tracking #1-714155...

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Fact Finder

Data Gathering — Our primary objective is to be a Fiduciary, placing your interests first. Thus, before any recommendations are offered we create and review a collective picture of where you stand financially. Knowing where you stand financial is an integral first step. Click here to open our editable Financial...

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Getting Your Financial House in Order

Here’s what you can expect from Freedman Financial: Net Worth & Cash Flow Planning • Risk Management Planning • Investment Planning • Retirement Planning • Tax Planning • Estate Planning • Generational Care and more. Click on the image for an expanded view, or click here for a downloadable version....

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RESOURCES / January 01, 2018

How to Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

Hiring a financial planner is an important decision in your life and must be built on a foundation of trust. We seek solely to build life-long relationships with our clients and the enclosed “Core Values and Beliefs” sheet embodies our commitment to you. Generally, an initial consultation lasts sixty to...

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RESOURCES, RESOURCES-Helpful Websites / January 01, 2018

AARP, Real Possibilities

Since its inception in 1958, AARP has grown and changed dramatically in response to societal changes, while remaining true to its founding principles: To promote independence, dignity and purpose for older persons To enhance the quality of life for older persons To encourage older people “To serve, not to be...

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RESOURCES, RESOURCES-Helpful Websites / January 01, 2018


Social Security has provided financial protection for our nation’s people for over 80 years. Chances are, you either receive Social Security benefits or know someone who does. With retirement, disability, and survivors benefits, Social Security is one of the most successful anti-poverty programs in our nation’s history. Learn more here....

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RESOURCES, RESOURCES-Helpful Websites / January 01, 2018

Investment Research Company

Morningstar is an investment research company offering mutual fund, ETF, and stock analysis, ratings, and data, and portfolio tools. Discover actionable insights today....

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Just for Fun, Life Transition, Personal Finance, Personal Planning / December 27, 2017

10 Daily Rituals Most Millionaires Have In Common

As those who have joined the ultra-desirable millionaire club can undoubtedly attest to, earning and saving that much money takes time, commitment, discipline, and a careful focus on dollars and cents. But what many individuals who aim to be millionaires—and even many current millionaires—don’t know is that there are a...

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Financial Planning, Financial Tips, Kids and Money, Life Transition, Video / December 05, 2017

The Delegator: Busy Families Unable to Monitor Their Financial Future [VIDEO]

Eddie and Colleen’s busy lifestyle leaves them unable to monitor key aspects of their financial future. Relationships with financial professionals leaves them disappointed. Seems that they are only interested in offering Eddie and Colleen investment ideas, and not addressing the couples bigger picture issues like retirement, cash allocation, Insurance, etc....

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Retirement Planning, Video / November 14, 2017

Enjoy Retirement. Spend Money. Saving vs. Spending [VIDEO]

We often hear the phrase – “I was taught the importance of saving money – but no one ever taught me how to spend it.” Watch our video – Spend Money in Retirement If you’re approaching or living in retirement it can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming. That’s why we...

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Life Transition, Marriage, Personal Planning / October 17, 2017

The Financial Side of Marriage Equality

Have your financial plans kept up? Any couple has a constitutional right to be married in any state and to receive all benefits of marriage in that state, the United States Supreme Court has held in a series of decisions. These decisions — primarily United States vs. Windsor and Obergefell vs....

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Financial Tips / August 21, 2017

The Importance of Emergency Savings

Rainy Day Fund aka Emergency Savings Did you know that most financial experts recommend setting aside enough money to cover three to six months’ worth of expenses in the event of a major financial surprise? That’s because a well-funded emergency account has the potential to get you through tough times...

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LPL Financial and Market Research, Marc Freedman, Press / August 02, 2017

Marc Freedman Leads Session at LPL Financial National Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Peabody, Mass. — Marc Freedman, CFP®, president of Freedman Financial, recently attended LPL Financial’s Focus 2017, one of the financial industry’s premier events and the largest annual conference hosted by LPL, a leading retail investment advisory firm and the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer*. Freedman joined a select...

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Marc Freedman, Press / July 08, 2017

Marc Freedman Named on Investopedia 100 List of Top Influential Financial Advisors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York/Boston — July 10, 2017 — Marc Freedman, President and CEO of Freedman Financial was named on the INVESTOPEDIA 100 list of influential financial advisors. Investopedia, the premier online source of trusted financial information and services, announced the inaugural INVESTOPEDIA 100, a ranking of influential financial advisors based on social, digital...

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Retirement Planning, Video / June 05, 2017

How Retirees Make Smart Financial Decisions [VIDEO]

How Retirees Make Smart Financial Decisions | Freedman Financial, Peabody MA, shares how they help retirees make smart financial decisions during their pre and post retirement years. Ed and Nancy have a problem. Ed’s been offered an early retirement package from his employer. But the details are complicated and confusing....

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Financial Planning, Life Transition, Personal Finance, Personal Planning / May 08, 2017

The Sandwich Generation: How the Fletchers Provide for Parents and Kids

Financial Obligations to Kids and Parents? Welcome to the Sandwich Generation. As a consequence of an aging population, more working Americans are finding themselves faced with a new challenge — trying to save for retirement while sandwiched between financial obligations to children and to elderly parents. With two children in...

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Scholarship / April 27, 2017

Meet Grace Theriault, Freedman Financial 2017 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What Does Financial Responsibility Mean to You? The meaning of financial responsibility has changed dramatically from my days of babysitting the kids in the neighborhood for a few bucks to working two jobs the majority of the year. In the beginning, I would just work for extra money that I could...

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Debt, Financial Tips, Retirement Planning / March 06, 2017

Will Debt Hinder Your Retirement Outlook?

Research shows that individuals over age 65 are carrying more debt today than they did a decade ago. How might this reality play out as these older Americans enter retirement? The number of Americans in or nearing retirement who are still holding significant mortgage, auto, even student loan debt has...

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Surviving Spouse, Video / February 13, 2017

Financial Advice for the Widow [VIDEO]

Not long after Angie and Spencer celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, Spencer passed away. Angie needed some professional assistance to better understand how to handle her late husband’s IRA, Pension and Social Security. She needed to find someone that would help her get her financial house in order. She needed...

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Charitable Giving / December 12, 2016

Double Your Impact with These Charitable Giving Strategies

Americans are a generous people. Many support charitable organizations that enhance their communities and enrich their personal lives. In addition to giving wisely to nonprofit groups, it’s important to anticipate financial obligations to family members while you’re still of sound mind. A charitable lead trust (CLT) may be the ideal tool...

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Debt, Holiday Planning / November 07, 2016

Surviving the Holiday Spending Season…Debt Free

Learn to Avoid the Credit Card Crunch or Dangerous Pitfall of Borrowing… Here’s how to establish a holiday wish list and spending budget: Start by determining the total amount of money that you want to budget for gifts. Carefully evaluate how much money your budget will allow for holiday spending. Be...

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Investment Planning / October 16, 2016

The 10 Cornerstone Principles of Asset Allocation

There are 10 principles for establishing and maintaining an optimal asset allocation. With them, you can build an appropriate portfolio for your situation. Principles can be described as the beginning, the foundation, the source, or the essence upon which things build and expand. They are important in investing because they...

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Scholarship / October 09, 2016

Meet Laura Shrago, Freedman Financial 2016 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What does financial responsibility mean to you? From a young age, kids are taught many values that will help them throughout their life, most of which are embodied by the universal principle of responsibility, under which falls the important element, financial responsibility. As I’ve gotten older, financial responsibility has become...

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Scholarship / October 09, 2015

Meet Laura Jennings, Freedman Financial 2015 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What Does Financial Responsibility Mean to You? Financial responsibility has many aspects to me. I used to think that I was financially responsible if I did not lose the dollar given to me by my parents to purchase a candy bar. However, the older I get, the more complex the...

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Scholarship / October 09, 2014

Meet Sam Feinstein, Freedman Financial 2014 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What Does Financial Responsibility Mean to You? Financial responsibility is all about recognizing limits and knowing how to avoid passing them. It means never buying anything you can’t afford. This may sound simple but in America’s credit driven economy, it is easy to get buried in debt. Keeping an accurate...

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Scholarship / October 09, 2013

Meet Sara Grosslein, Freedman Financial 2013 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What does financial responsibility mean to you? The future is exciting; nonetheless, it can also be frightening to think about especially in terms of financial security.  So many people today are saddled with debt due to high costs of living.  Our nation is exceedingly expensive in this day and age. ...

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Scholarship / October 09, 2012

Meet Jordyn LeBlanc, Freedman Financial 2012 Scholarship Winner – Well Done!

What does financial responsibility mean to you? There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to make the transition from being a child, dependent on our parents for our most basic needs, to independent young adults eager to enter the world filled with many different responsibilities.  This transition...

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