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Dollars & Sense: Capital Gains Resulting in Unexpected Tax Payment

Dollars & Sense: Capital Gains Resulting in Unexpected Tax Payment

April 10, 2022

Dollars & Sense, Tequila & Travel

BROADCAST: Dollars & Sense, 04/10/22

Episode Summary: Marc chats about his recent schooling in tequila and how some folks are surprised at their tax obligation… can you say… Capital Gains.

SEGMENT 1: (1:18) Marc discusses his ‘tequila revelation… and answers why your tax obligation for 2021 is an unexpected one for some.

SEGMENT 2: (18:17) Capital gains and taxes, can you minimize distribution?

SEGMENT 3: (35:18) Mortgage rates and housing prices.

SEGMENT 4: (50:53) Listener questions

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