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The Best (and Worst) Financial Advice From Dad

The Best (and Worst) Financial Advice From Dad

June 19, 2022

BROADCAST: Dollars & Sense, 06/19/2022

Episode Summary: During the first half of the show, Marc is joined by his business partner Marion to discuss the Fed’s recent decision to increase interest rates. In the second half, Marc’s kids surprise him for Father’s Day by sharing the best and worst financial advice they have ever received from him.

SEGMENT 1: (00:49) What is the Fed going to do with interest rates, what does that mean for the economy, and should long-term investors be concerned?

SEGMENT 2: (14:25) The Fed announced it will increase interest rates by .75% to try to combat inflation. … so what does this mean for the average person and for the markets?

SEGMENT 3: (31:11) Happy Father’s Day! Marc’s kids discuss the best (and worst) financial advice they have ever received from their dad.

SEGMENT 4: (46:20) Some nuggets of fatherly financial advice are timeless, while others do not age as well. Marc’s children continue to share the best and worst advice they have received from their dad.

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